Weather Stations

This Android application keeps a database of aviation weather stations. It can be used to provide station codes to Sensitive Altimeter.


  • Local database of the weather stations that provide data to NOAA site
  • List of nearest stations sorted by distance from current location
  • Observation (METAR) and forecast (TAF) receiving and partial decoding
  • GMT clock
Station list Weather report

Aviation weather forecast is different from the one we usually hear from local radio station or TV channel. It says a lot about clouds and wind but nothing about the temperature.


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This application uses Internet connection for:

  • Updating the station database from the author's site
  • Get the weather observation data from NOAA site

Current location is used by the app but not sent to any of the sites contacted by the app.

No ads are displayed in the application.

Station Database

Station location data is courtesy of Philip Gladstone.

Most of the weather stations in the database are located at airports, but some of them are not. For example, one of the stations (KNYC) is in the New York City Central Park. Its anemometer is atop the Belvedere Castle tower.

Belvedere Castle - Tower Belvedere Castle - Anemometer

The other weather sensors of KNYC are located on the ground near the castle.

KNYC - Other sensors


  1. TAF Decoder - Aviation Weather Center

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